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Reduce the Possibility of Roof Leaks w/ a Metal Roof Upgrade

Reduce the Possibility of Roof Leaks w/ a Metal Roof Upgrade

Written by Pioneer Metals

January 12, 2019

Who doesn’t love the sound of the rain hitting a metal roof? It’s the perfect way to be lulled to sleep and wake up refreshed. But did you know there are so many other benefits of using a metal roof rather than shingles?

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ve likely seen the one about all of the benefits of upgrading to a metal roof. We’re here to expand on the fact that metal roofs reduce the possibility of leaks, making homeowners happier for years to come – and much less likely to have issues with their metal roof as quickly as they do with other, more traditional roof styles.

Contractors: Take Note! Metal Roofs Reduce Roof Leaks

As a contractor, it’s important to be aware of the various choices you have when drafting architectural plans and choosing the materials needed to construct a new or upgraded home. There are so many options from which to choose, such as siding, flooring, appliances and yes – the roof. While shingles are a traditional selection for roofing, there are also many reasons why shingles are the inferior option.

Metal roofs offer energy efficiency, durability, strength and even reduce the possibility of leaks during extreme weather. Our metal roofs withstand heavy rain, hail and extremely high winds, and won’t blow off as shingles or tiles may under these extreme conditions.

Rather than encouraging the cost of necessary materials to complete a shingled roof, choose a more cost-effective option with a metal roof that’s going to last for at least half a century. Where the homeowners would need to worry about new roofing options after only ten years (or less, in some cases), a metal roof doesn’t rot at the rate of shingles and is more secure than tiles.

Mitigate Legal Issues with a Metal Roof

Did you know that homeowners can actually contact contractors about issues with their home, even if it’s 10 or more years after purchase? Lawsuits can ensue if it’s found that the work wasn’t done up to code, but a metal roof from Pioneer Metals is the simplest solution to help mitigate any legal issues that may arise after using shingles or clay tiles.

Because shingles or tiles require additional structural support and materials, the likelihood of a homeowner contacting you when something goes wrong is very high. Shingles can rot or be infested by critters and tiles can be ripped off when extreme weather hits due to poor installation: as a contractor, you need to be aware of these issues and the solutions.

Choose high quality metal roof materials! At Pioneer Metals, we are dedicated to providing our customers, including and especially contractors, with the highest quality metal roofs to reduce the likelihood of any leaks caused by nature and aging.

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