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Metal Trims

In Jackson, Georgia

Quality trim components to strengthen, seal, protect, and eliminate moisture intrusion. Metal trims are a necessity for most applications to assure safety and compliance of building codes or requirements – they also aesthetically “complete” the project.

Coatings and Substrates

Our metal trims have a broad selection of substrates and coatings that are applied onto premium-quality material – which also carry the best warranties to suit the needs of your application.

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Low Rib

Trim Profiles:

>  LR: Trim (PDF) – Click Here

Panel Profiles:

>  LR: Panel (LINK) – Click Here

High Rib

Trim Profiles:

>  HR: Trim (PDF) – Click Here

Panel Profiles:

>  HR: Panel (LINK) – Click Here

Standing Seam

Trim Profiles:

>  SS: Trim (PDF) – Click Here

Panel Profiles:

>  SS: Panel (LINK) – Click Here


Documents (PDF)

>  Color Chart (PDF) – Click Here
>  Metal Trims (PDF) – Click Here
>  Metal Panels (PDF) – Click Here

Helpful Resources

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