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“Explore our collection of downloadable literature (PDF) and helpful resources”

Coatings and Substrates

Our products have a broad selection of substrates and coatings that are applied onto premium-quality material, which also carry the best warranties to suit the needs of your application.

Find out more about our selection of colors using the link below!

Brochure & Catalogs


>  PM: Brochure (PDF) – Click Here

Product Data Sheet


>  PM Panels: Booklet (PDF) – Click Here


>  PM Trim: Booklet (PDF) – Click Here

Installation Guides

Panels & Trim

>  Central States MFG: “Horizon-Loc” (PDF) – Click Here
>  Central States MFG: “Panel-LocPlus” (PDF) – Click Here

AstaDoors Co. – Roll-Up Doors

>  ADC Sheet Door (Self Storage): Model 281 (PDF) – Click Here
>  ADC Sheet Door (Commercial): Model 201 (PDF) – Click Here
>  ADC Hardware (Commercial): Model 201 (PDF) – Click Here

Color Charts

Panels & Trim

>  PM Color Chart: Panels & Trim (PDF) – Click Here

AstaDoors Co. – Roll-Up Doors

>  ADC Sheet Door: Commercial (PDF) – Click Here
>  ADC Sheet Door: Self-Storage (PDF) – Click Here


>  Weather XL: Paint-Systems (PDF) – Click Here


>  Kynar500: Paint-Systems (PDF) – Click Here

AstaDoors Co. – Roll-Up Doors

>  ADC: Paint-Systems (LINK) – Click Here
>  ADC: Roll-Up Doors (LINK) – Click Here

United Steel Supply – Galvalume

>  USS: Galvalume (PDF) – Click Here

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