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Benefits of Choosing a Metal Roof

Benefits of Choosing a Metal Roof

Written by Pioneer Metals

March 30, 2018

Metal roofing has become one of the most popular solutions in Jackson, Griffin, Monticello, Butts County, and Jasper County. Contractors, builders and others regularly turn to Pioneer Metals for our high-quality solutions and extensive knowledge. In addition, homeowners and business owners choose metal roofing because it’s simply the best. Continue reading to learn a few of the top benefits of choosing a metal roof.

Metal Roofs Boast Unparalleled Durability

Metal rooftops are of course very hard. But in addition to the hardness of the material, there is a certain strength advantage to the sheeted style instead of tiles or shingles – metal will not crack or whither away. On the other hand, when cracks appear on other common roofing materials water can seep in and quickly cause thousands of dollars of damage to more than just the roof.

You Can Depend on Metal Roofing

Metal roofing companies will happily tell you that metal is long-lasting; and no matter how many times it’s recycled, it doesn’t lose its strength. In fact, a metal rooftop – recycled or new – can last a home up to fifty years! That’s half a century. So for an environmentally friendly choice, trust the professionals at the best metal supplier — Pioneer Metals — to guide you to the best solution.  

Metal Roofing Is the More Affordable Solution

A roof that lasts up to fifty years and helps prevent other types of damage to your home is absolutely a wise investment. After all, a dollar saved is a dollar earned, right?

But with these incredible benefits, wouldn’t you expect it to cost more up front? That’s not the case here! In Georgia metal roofing is quite affordable, and can certainly be cheaper than several tiles or shingles.

Metal Roofing Is Beautiful

Lasting strength and excellent value typically have to sacrifice their visual aesthetics, right? Nope! A metal roof can be fitted to any existing structure, colored to match (or to stand out!), and trimmed with stylish accents. This is the final piece of the puzzle of why people are switching to metal rooftops — they look fantastic!

Find Metal Roof Panels Near You at Pioneer Metals in Jackson

If you’re thinking, “I need to find metal roof panels near me,” look no further than Pioneer Metals. As the best metal roofing distributor in the area, Pioneer Metals serve contractors, engineers, and customers throughout Jackson, Griffin, Monticello, and all of Butts County and Jasper County!

We partner with contractors and builders to provide metal roofs and materials for businesses as well as residential customers. At Pioneer Metals, we pride ourselves in delivering world-class quality solutions, fast turnaround times, and unbeatable customer service.

Get a quote from the best Georgia metal roofing company at Pioneer Metals by calling (770) 504-8688.