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8 Metal Roof Facts You’ll Be Shocked to Learn

8 Metal Roof Facts You’ll Be Shocked to Learn

Written by Pioneer Metals

March 30, 2018

Some people cringe when they hear “metal roof.” This knee-jerk reaction is often due to limited experiences with ancient metal rooftops from the early 20th century, poorly constructed farm roofs, or some other cringe-worthy situation. But modern metal roofing is much prettier and friendlier on the eyes than the metal roofs of olden days.

Pioneer Metals — the premier Georgia metal roofing company — offers a vast range of vibrant and attractive colored metal roofing options. All of our materials are quality, built to last, and will please even the most discerning critic. Continue reading to learn eight astounding facts about metal roof trim and accessories you’ve probably never considered.   

Georgia Metal Roofing Is Built to Last Longer

Wood shingles will start to rot long before a metal roof in Jackson or Georgia goes bad from age. With quality materials from a metal company and proper protection built into the installation, metal roofs can last you up to half a century! And with modern coloring paints, colored metal roofing retains its visual appeal much longer than wood shingles.

Residential Metal Roofing Is Lighter

Slate and clay tile are heavy materials – much heavier than a modern residential metal roofing when spread over the entire area. Metal is even lighter than composite shingles. Also, additional structural support is needed for other types of roofs, adding to the weight and strain on top of your building; this is not the case with metal roofing.

Go Green with Georgia Metal Roofing Solutions Metal

Don’t resist your inner tree-hugger! Steel is 100% recyclable, and it doesn’t lose strength no matter how many times it’s recycled. With light colors or white paint and other reflective materials, metal roofing can deflect heat from the sun — helping reduce your energy use as well as heating and cooling bills. If you need a Jackson metal roofing supply partner to help you keep homes environmentally friendly, call Pioneer Metals today!

Reduce Noise Pollution with Metal Roofs in Georgia

In addition, metal roofs offer an excellent noise barrier, so you don’t have to worry about clatter from Georgia’s refreshing summer rains. With solid sheathing underlaid, rain and hail are muffled quite effectively, leaving a storm outside to be nothing more than a gentle backdrop to a peaceful day or night in.

Metal Roofs Keep Critters Away

Here’s an indisputable fact: termites do not eat metal. What’s more, small mammals won’t chew through metal to get inside the house. And reflected heat from metal in the summertime keeps mice, rats, and birds too uncomfortable to settle in, preventing nesting or even attempted entry.

Metal Roofs Can Match Any Architectural Style

If you’re thinking of getting a metal company to re-roof a building, rest assured that any existing structure can be fitted with a metal roof. Metal roofs can also be part of the original design and match perfectly with any architectural style, including:

  • Ranch
  • Cape Cod
  • Modern
  • Classical
  • Contemporary postmodernism minimalism

…Or pretty much any style home you can think of.

Metal Roofs in Georgia Offer Better Protection

Damaged roofing leads to damaged walls underneath. This goes for both erosion and water-based elemental damage. With metal roofing, you can prevent the occasional Georgia ice dams in the wintertime and keep hail from damaging the upper walls in the summertime.

Metal Roofs Can Stand Up to Extreme Weather

Metal roofs can withstand extremely high winds, as well as large, heavy hail and excessive rainfall. Metal will not bend, warp, or crack in the weather. And it can withstand much more debris in a storm than shingles of wood or clay tiles. It’s a fact that every Georgia metal roofing company knows well: durability matters.

Metal Roof Panels Are More Affordable

Shingles and tiles add up much more quickly than most people realize. What’s more, the asphalt requires loads of sunlight to dry and seal properly. And unfortunately in Georgia, it can rain at any moment, which could cause significant complications to your newly tarred roof. Why risk it? It’s best to choose a metal roof from the beginning.

Contact Pioneer Metals for Quality Georgia Metal Roofs

If you’re in the market for a new roof in Jackson, Griffin, Monticello, Butts County, or Jasper County; metal is your best solution. Pioneer Metals offer high-quality metal roofs, metal trim, metal screws, and metal tools. As the premier metal distribution company in the South Atlanta area, we offer metal in a variety of colors and will deliver to job sites inside the state of Georgia. Best of all, same day or next day pickup is available in most cases.  

Get a quote from the best Georgia metal roofing company at Pioneer Metals to learn how affordable the best solution can be. Contact Pioneer Metals today by calling (770) 504-8688.