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Spring Showers Bring Lovely Sounds of Rain on a New Metal Roof

Spring Showers Bring Lovely Sounds of Rain on a New Metal Roof

Written by Pioneer Metals

February 8, 2019

Ah, the spring season is finally upon us, as we’re in the middle of a second winter that will soon pass. Spring brings the promise of new beginnings, new blooms from the plants and trees, pollen-covered everything, and of course, those lovely spring showers we all enjoy after a long day at the office. What better way is there than to enjoy the spring showers with a brand new metal roof, allowing you to hear the rain as it hits and falls to the ground.

At Pioneer Metals, we love the sound of rain on a metal roof. After all, it’s a light, lovely sound to lull you sleep, so you can toss your sound machine out the window! We use only the highest quality metals, fabricated in our Jackson, Georgia headquarters, when crafting our metal roofs. Our team can help you choose the metal roof that suits your home, allowing you to enjoy the soft sound of the rain falling on a metal roof.

Choose Your Roof & Choose Your Metal Color

Did you know that metal roofs are a more long-lasting, economical roofing option, with some metal roofs lasting for 50 years or more?

There’s nothing quite like customization when selecting a large purchase, such as a new car, a new computer, and especially when choosing anything for your home. At Pioneer Metals, we understand that choosing a new metal roof for your home is huge undertaking, and our team is here to assist you throughout the entire process. We work with our customers from start to finish: our team will even connect you with a contractor in your area who can properly install your new metal roof.

We offer a wide variety of color options [colors images], as well as industry-leading warranties to protect your investment. We use extra durable WeatherX Siliconized Polyester coil paintings to our Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Steel and to HDG steel (G90+).

Contact Pioneer Metals for Your New Metal Roof

Are you ready to enjoy the spring showers under the protective cover of your new metal roof? Our sales professionals at Pioneer Metals can help you choose the best metal roof options to suit your home, and answer any questions you may have. We can even help you locate a contractor who can help install your new purchase!

Contact us online or via telephone at 770-504-8688 to get started! We look forward to helping you select your brand new metal roof just in time for spring blooms.