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Choosing Colors That Match for Your Metal Roofing

Choosing Colors That Match for Your Metal Roofing

Written by Pioneer Metals

June 24, 2019

Choosing the right color for your metal roofing is a hefty undertaking. After all, your metal roofing could last fifty years or more. So how do you choose the right colors for not only the roof, but also the trim and accessories? 

Glad you asked! Our team at Pioneer Metals has been helping customers choose not only the right metal roofing for their home, but also helping to coordinate the right color for nearly 15 years. We understand that this is a big decision, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. 

How to Choose Coordinating Colors

When you’re going through the options with your new metal roof, one of the main considerations is color. While you may love your favorite color, your home may not. After all, some of us love pink (which looks great for hair, but maybe not a metal roof), and some of us love green (this is sometimes a great option for a metal roof). So how do you choose a color that you love that also coordinates with your home? 

First, you’ll want to look at your house. The color you choose for your new metal roof has to coordinate with the exterior color of your home. Is your home brown or gray? Do you have different color shutters or doors? 

Now, what is the setting of the home? Do you live on a large plot of land with few trees, or is your home surrounded by trees? Can you see your home from the road, or is it hidden away from the public eye? 

These aspects are all taken into account when our sales representatives begin working on a new metal roofing project. Looking at the exterior of the home allows us to help each customer choose metal roofing that complements the house.

Find the Perfect Metal Roofing Color Coordination

As we’re walking our customers through the buying process, we have to talk about color coordination – and that does mean more than just coordinating the color of the roof to the color of the home and its surroundings. 

After we help select the color of the roof, we look at the trim and the accessories. Choosing the perfect color extends to these considerations too, and you don’t have to choose the same colors for the trim and accessories that complete your new metal roof! 

We offer a variety of color options that will create a beautiful new metal roof. And the best part: our metal roofing has been known to last for (many) years to come! 

Contact Pioneer Metals for Coordinating Metal Colors

Our team at Pioneer Metals understands that purchasing a new metal roof is a big decision, and we’re here to help you choose the right style, color, trim, accessories – we even go the extra mile and help our customers find a local contractor who can complete the job! 

If you’ve decided that a metal roof is the right choice for your home (and we’re glad you did!), let us know how we can help your dream come to life! Our team is standing by, ready and waiting to help you with your new metal roof. Contact us online or via telephone at 770-504-8688 to get started.