Why Pioneer Metals’ AG Panels are Perfect for You

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A well laid out roof can create a massive impact on the appeal of a residential or commercial building. Naturally, a worn-out roof or exterior will have the exact opposite effect. At Pioneer Metals, our goal is to make sure we leave a great first impression on clients or visitors. We are a metal fabrication company that specializes in providing metal roofing, trims, roof accessories, and even tools for residential or commercial facilities throughout the Southeastern United States.

AG Panel Metal Roof or R Panel Metal Roof?

Since metal roofing is our expertise, we figured it would be helpful to elaborate on the two most popular metal panels we have available; R panels and AG panels. Deciding between which of the two fits you best comes down to what your needs are and where your budget lies.

Looking to rejuvenate your residential roof?

We think R panels are a solid choice for homeowners. An R panel is made for low slope roofs; it is 36” wide and has 1.25” high ribs that are 12” apart. These high quality, durable steel panels won’t be worn down so easily by weathering and erosion.

Looking to restore your commercial roof?

An AG panel metal roof is more aimed towards businesses and contractors looking to save money without sacrificing quality in the process. The dimensions of an AG panel are 36” wide with 3/4” ribs on 9” centers. Like the R panel, the design allows for optimal protection against everything mother nature throws at your building. In addition to being highly resilient, these panels add a sleek appeal to any building adorning them.

Although we think both panels are excellent and capable of living up to our customer’s expectations, we give a slight edge to the AG panel due to the lower cost and simplicity of the design. Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor, or homeowner, AG panels are a great choice for anyone looking to strengthen the exterior of their property.

Whether it is for Residential or Commercial Use, Pioneer Metals has You Covered!

We aren’t in the business of making just any average metal roofing panel. Unlike other businesses, we take deep pride in our work and how our customers feel about our product. Before we decided to open our doors to the public, our metal experts were brainstorming for years on how we could deliver on our grand vision. That vision was for our customers to have short wait times, a product that can last decades, a variety of colors to choose from, and for the product to be eco-friendly.

We designed a high quality, 100% recyclable product that can be ready for our customers in 48-hours or less. No matter how big or small an order is, we always deliver our metal panels on time! In addition to our self imposed deadline, we offer 20 different colors to choose from to make sure our clients find the perfect style and fit.

Our uniquely layered panel effectively reflects the rays of the sun, reducing the amount of heat absorbed on those hot summer days. On average, our metal panels save commercial and residential buildings approximately 20% off their usual energy bill! It is all these factors combined that make us one of the most dependable metal roofing companies throughout the state of Georgia.

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Few companies can match our commitment to excellence. If you are looking to fix up your home, are a contractor in need of a supplier or a roofer looking to change your inventory, we have you covered. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 770-504-8688 and one of our trusted employees will help steer you in the right direction!