Increase the Value of your Home with R Panel Metal Roofing Materials

Metal Roofing for Residential and Commercial Use

Since 2007, Pioneer Metals has been slowly making a name for itself in the metal roofing industry. Our attention to detail, high quality products and emphasis on customer service has allowed us to gather a loyal following within a relatively short amount of time. Not only do we care about helping residents make their homes safer, but we also cater to businesses and other commercial facilities.

At Pioneer Metals, we offer a wide range of premium steel panels that improve the durability of a building without sacrificing aesthetics in the progress. With so many different panels, accessories, trims and colors to choose from, we know picking the right combination can be a bit overwhelming. To help make choosing the right panel a little easier, we have taken the time to highlight one of our most popular metal panel options available, the R Panel.

R Panel Metal Roof Installations Available

R panel installations are mostly used on residential buildings but may also used on commercial and agricultural facilities. Built with strong trapezoidal ribs and high tensile steel, there are few jobs and conditions that these panels are unable to withstand. Rather than tearing off the existing roof in place to install a new roof, these panels are placed right over the current roof. This means anyone can install their own roof instead of hiring a contractor to do all the work of stripping and replacing the roof, spending thousands in the process.

Many customers end up getting the optional purlin bearing leg (PBR) because it provides additional support when fastening the panel laps. To ensure that the panels can endure erosion and other degrading factors, Pioneer Metals has put their R Panels through extensive testing. Using state-of-the-art technology and a unique five layered panel to increase longevity, we have created some of the most durable metal panels in all of Southeast Georgia and beyond.

Due to its versatility and cost-effective price, we offer our R panel metal roof panels in a variety of colors and warranties. As for whether or not to get the PBR optional support, it depends on what you need the panels for. Non PBR panels are more commonly used for wall applications since there are no odd angles to worry about. Individuals installing panels on the roof usually opt in for the PBR support because it aids in installing the panels while also adding an extra layer of protection.

Why Choose Pioneer Metals for your Metal Roofing Needs

There are no shortage of metal roofing companies in the state of Georgia. That being said, very few companies can match our commitment to excellence, longevity, and the environment. At Pioneer Metals, we have a 48-hour order turn around, making us one of the fastest providers in the industry. Add on our Energy Star Certified paint and commitment to 100% recyclable materials and it is easy to see what makes us stand out from the crowd.

The cool metal panels take on and reflect the rays of the sun, stopping your home from absorbing in all that heat. On average, this equals to about a 20% decrease in overall energy cost. With so many trims and accessories to choose from, chances are you can find the perfect look to your home while lowering your overall carbon footprint in the process. Whatever your needs are, we have you covered.

Give us a call today at 770-504-8688 and talk to one of our experts. We will find a way to work with your budget so you can revitalize the appearance of your home or commercial building as soon as possible!